#402 || Digital Life Series: Students’ Social Currency

February 13, 2018

Students' social status is a major part of their lives.  Their appearance, their branding, their amount of likes and re-tweets become the elements of a transaction in regards to their interaction with others.  Just like we place value on a currency, students place value on their social standing.  In an attempt to get students to understand and realize that they are greater than their likes, we blend science and research to the digital life of a student to help them navigate the technological world.


#401 || Digital Life Series: Screen Science

February 6, 2018

We cannot go through a day without the digital world impacting our existence.  If students don’t have the survival skills of navigating the digital life, they won’t survive in this modern world.  We are evaluating how students interact with technology and how to help them learn these digital survival skills in the next few episodes.  In today's episode, we discuss screen science with an interview with Protect Young Eyes founder, Chris McKenna, as well as discussing areas where digital technology is shaping students’ world & relationships. 


#310 || Part 2: Is Jesus too PC for Gen Z?

December 12, 2017

The conversation continues about students sharing their faith with others.  In this episode, hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer discuss the importance of clarity when it comes to what we believe.  They share a simple method that allows anyone to remember how to share and to be confident in sharing the gospel.  It is called THE FOUR, and Jayson has a conversation with the founder, Andreas "Boppi" Boppart, about its use in Switzerland and throughout Europe.


#309 || Is Jesus too PC for Gen Z?

December 5, 2017

Do students find it offensive to talk about Jesus?  Is evangelism dead?  Is this generation of students too afraid to share their faith with others?  Do they even care?  It appears we are in the middle of a pendulum swing between two extremes.  The tactics used in the past may have been birthed out of fear and guilt, causing people to simply be saved from Hell, but not for the life God grants us.  It was based on a confrontational approach using words only.  Has the pendulum swung so far to the other extreme that we now have removed the words, essentially the gospel, completely from our approach and only rely on our actions?  In this episode, we explore students' thoughts on sharing their faith and where we are going in regards to the state of evangelism in youth ministry.


#308 || These Habits Can Change Your Home

November 28, 2017

What habits at home attribute to lowering the high-risk behaviors in teenagers? Research has shown that this one habit can lower the things that many parents fear will happen to their adolescent.  In this episode, the habits of the home are discussed, with our own research as well as outside research to support the conversation of why these habits can change your home and your children.


#307 || Best Way to Come Alongside Parents: Dan Seaborn Interview

November 21, 2017

Whether you are a parent or leading students who have parents, this episode is for you.  Hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer interview the founder of Winning At Home, Dan Seaborn, who was also the creator of the W.W.J.D bracelet phenomenon.  Questions include, "What kinds of things should youth workers be thinking about when it comes to working with parents?" "What are ways that youth workers can help equip families to have intentional family conversations?" & "How can youth workers 'fill in the gaps' with students who don't have parental support for their faith?"


#306 || 10 Ways to Help Parents Win

November 14, 2017

How can we help parents win with their students?  As youth leaders, do we really know what parents need from us?  Is the way we are doing youth ministry helping or hindering them as parents?  What is the #1 thing we can do to affirm parents?  Will our efforts be felt by only the student or the entire family?  In this episode, hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer provide a list of 10 ways youth leaders can help parents win.


#305 || The Risk of Ignoring Students

November 7, 2017

Are students leaving the church?  In this episode, hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer discuss what can happen to a church if the students are ignored.  Ignored in the budget, ignored in their involvement, ignored in allowing their voice to be heard.  Special guest interview with Darren Campbell, a part-time pastor, full-time business owner discusses his approach to his church, Exit 59 Church, by allowing complete amateurs run it.  He also shares the analogy of the Church needs to be more like a kitchen and less like a restaurant. How are we investing in the next generation of church-goers?


#304 || Help Young People Love The Church: Kara Powell Interview

October 31, 2017

Churches are losing both members and vitality as increasing numbers of young people disengage.  In this episode, we interview Kara Powell, who is the executive director of the Fuller Youth Institute and a faculty member at Fuller Theological Seminary.  Kara co-authored Growing Young, which is about 6 essential strategies to help young people discover and love your church.  Growing Young is based on groundbreaking research with over 250 of the nation's leading congregations and it provides a strategy any church can use to involve and retain teenagers and young adults.  The book shows pastors and ministry leaders how to position their churches to engage younger generations in a way that breathes vitality, life, and energy into the whole church.


#303 || Students Vacating Church & Losing Faith

October 24, 2017

Are students leaving the church? Fifty percent of students drift from their faith after graduating high school.  Of those who drift, 80% did not plan to drift from their faith when they went to college or went into the workforce.  Are we losing the battle with students or is there a reason to have hope in this generation's loyalty to the local church?  In this episode, hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer dive into the numbers from their research about students' loyalty to the church, their youth group, and what it looks like for students' faith when they actually attend church post-graduation.  What can we do as youth leaders to prepare students for faith outside high school, to ensure it sticks?