#201|| Going Beyond the Fear of Lunchroom Ovations & Tall Middle School Girls

March 2, 2017

Welcome to Season Two of the Thought Factory Podcast!  In today's episode, hosts Jeff Eckart and Jayson Brewer discusses the topic of fear in students' lives.  Fear surrounds us and our culture is driven by fear.  There is a lot of money in fear.  And some fears are real and justified. But fear can also be apparent and rampant in the minds of the students who are a part of the body of Christ.  We discuss where students experience the most fear, how often they experience feelings of fear, and what they fear the most.  Are we helping students understand fear and how to grow in faith by confronting fear?  Are we taking the time to explain to students the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives when we are faced with any type of fear? 


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